Calendario 7

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Calendario 6 is an interesting personal planner that allows you to keep track of your day-by-day tasks in a much more efficient and organized way.

The program has an easy-to-use interface divided into several sections for each of its main functions: Calendario (Calendar), Agenda Personal/Empresas (Personal/Business Planner), Archivo de Contraseñas (Password Keeper), Gestor de Notas (Notes), Citas (Appointments), and Tareas (Tasks).

-In Calendar you can plan your weekly schedule by entering all kinds of reminder notes. In addition, the program shows you the corresponding Zodiac sign and Saint.

- The Planner is divided into Personal Planner and Business Planner. You can view different types of info for both by filling out a list with all your contacts, which you can easily look at.

- The Password Keeper is an interesting tool that remembers for you each and every password you need to login to your favorite websites.

- A complete management tool for your notes that makes it easy to write, edit and create lists.

- The Appointments tool helps you organize your events calendar, displaying each day organized into hourly blocks where each appointment you have appears.

- In Tasks you can create a list with each pending task you have, with start date, due date, and a progress bar.

Only works on Windows 2000/XP operating systems.


30-day trial version.

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